Vacuum Insulated Coupling

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Vacuum Insulated Coupling

1. Marine Oil field
2. For heavy oil
3. For oil sands
4. Geothermal well & hot spring

Heat loss from Vacuum insulated Tubing is most pronounced at the connection. Vacuum insulation can not be applied in the connection region. Connection insulation methods are available but are less effective than the VIT body. Research shows that the heat loss through the connection region could be as high as 80%-90% of the total amount along the VIT joints.


Our innovative solution

The body of vacuum insulated coupling are made with two layers of concentric stainless tubes. The surface is coated by an insulating coating. The annular space between these two layers is vacuumed to significantly reduce heat loss through conduction and convection. The two ends are made of composite material. Compared with most design on the market, our innovative vacuum insulated coupling significantly reduce the heat loss through the connection region.


Physical test

Physical test of vacuum Insulate coupling were conducted in the manufacture’s facility to verify the effectiveness of the new design. The Specimen was prepared with two Vacuum insulated  tubing joints connected together with a vacuum insulated coupling around the connection. The inner pipe was heated to 350°C  and the peak temperature was kept stable during the test to achieve a steady state condition. The outer surface temperature of the vacuum insulated coupling was measured and the rate of heat loss was calculated

Test result

The test result shows a significant enhancement of insulation performance of vacuum insulted coupling. The surface temperature in connection region reduced from 90°C  to 47.8°C.


Quality control

100% bullet test include ultrasound inspection of full length wall thickness,full length drift diameter, water pressure test, mechanical test (yield ,tensile, hardness etc)

100% final product test includes connection inspection; weld quality inspection and insulation performance test.

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