BL-2T Premium Connection

  • BL-2T Premium Connection
BL-2T Premium Connection

Multi functional BL-2T Premium Connection

BL-2T is multifunction connection. The connection can minimize risk caused by load of pressure, temperature, bend, and compress. 

  • Thread design

  • spec. and thread type

    Ø 2 3/8˝ 2 7/8˝ – 8TPI Ø

    3 1/2˝ 4 1/2˝ – 6TPI Ø

    7 3/4˝ – 5TPI Ø 8

    5/8˝ 133/8˝ – 4TPI


Main feature

  • Anti-bend ,compress and torque

  • reliable seal ability on complicated load service

  • Easy to use and repair

  • Long term successful experience in oil field

Main application

  • Deep well

  • supper deep well

  • High pressure gas well

Reinforced metal to metal seal

  • Even if in most severe load condition (for instance: in directional well), metal to metal seal can provide supper seal function.

  • After several make-up and make-down, it can keep seal integrity.

  • The geometrical shape of seal surface can prevent wearing out.

Modified reverse hook thread design

  • with -3° reverse hook thread type on thread surface, it can not only improve connection strength , but also improve anti-compress pressure.

  • With better structure strength include resistance to bend and compress, this connection is suitable for horizontal well.

  • Even if few thread compound, modified thread structure decrease the risk of wearing out.

Negative torque shoulder

  • Negative torque shoulder provide positive torque stop. So, the make-up torque is accurate. At the same time, the wedge effect caused by the negative torque shoulder provide superior structural strength.

  • Though modified shoulder design, it can bear bad service condition such as bend caused by inner or outer pressure.

Inner hole with lengthened shoulder design

  • Inner flat design reduces the gas and liquid turbulence in the pipe, so decrease lower the energy loss.

Coupling design

  • The connection effectivity reach 100% of pipe strength by coupling design such as covering running out of threading; longer inner shoulder , more equivalent sectional area than pipe body.

BL-2T Premium Connection

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