Automobile Axle Tube

  • Automobile Axle Tube
Automobile Axle Tube

Axle tube for automobile industry

Axle tubes are components used on a solid drive axle to house the axles that run from the gear set to the wheel flange.Its used to protect the axle but also used to house the axle lubricant. Made of steel, the axle tube are very strong and are used to piston and maintain the axle under the vechicle.

Automobile axle tube is mainly used for semi-trailer axle, agricultural vehicle axle, lifting vehicle axle processing seamless steel pipe. Also can be used for processing semi-trailer axle, axle suspension, out trigger etc which is used in more severe condition, load bearing, vibration fatigue, bending stress.

Product  size

Nominal outside diameter: Ø127mm-Ø194mm; wall thickness :10mm-30mm

Major Material

20MN2, 20mN2v, SAE1527 etc


YB/T4203 Seamless steel tubes for automobile semi-trailer axle

YB/T5035  Seamless steel tubes for automobile axle housing

SAE-J403SAE  The chemical composition of carbon steel

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